Thinking of going back to “Normal” always sounds like the safest thing to do, doesn’t it? No, it doesn’t! I don’t intend to, anyway. Most of the existing connections between businesses and customers/consumers have changed, as we all had the time to rethink our lives and priorities, so the first thing to do – while we have time – is to prepare to reconnect, prepare for the “New Normal”. 

It’s time we realign our activities. My method of using the Manifesto process works perfectly for any sort of change (management). I use it for developing a renewed identity, for my clients and for myself (…). If you do your homework, as outlined in the Manifesto concept, developing an identity will get easier while creating a great (re)starting point for all of your communication activities, including branding, marketing and internal communication.

Business changes – now you have time to adapt.

It’s normal to be afraid of change – that’s only human. But as the pandemic forces us to change anyway, better make the best of it. We have the opportunity, right? Below you see the result of my efforts to change. So, what did I want my identity to reflect?

  • Connection
  • Depth
  • Human approach
  • Friendly design
  • Transparency

Let me tell you that the services I offer – (international communication, creative services and photography) haven’t changed. So, there was no need for a complete redesign. The same may apply to you: you can save yourself a lot of trouble (and expense) by building on your existing identity (unless you are a starter or want to create a separate brand, of course). The redesign of my basic logo (below) reflects this approach. You’ll see how the elements I wanted to change, are used:


An identity consists of many more elements, like fonts, colours, icons and wordmarks. These, in turn, translate into all kinds of tools. You’ll find them in the 2021-identity of my company (see my website, for example, which was also redesigned). It’s incorporated in all other online and offline tools, ranging from e-mail footers, photography watermarks, leaflets, templates and presentations.

My new identity is easy to use and adapt to all necessary uses – as it should be.

Remember, this post is all about reconnecting. Yes, my advise is that this is a perfect time to start creating a new identity, prepare to restart your business and stay ahead of your competitors. As your identity is part of your wider communications approach, I’m always happy to guide you through the process and discuss how a new (or renewed) identity is going to work for your business. Below are some examples of logos created.

In the meantime: stay safe and stay connected!