Low Budget? Start Communicating!

Throughout my career – long and varied – I worked for businesses and not-for-profit organisations of all sizes. Literally: from multinationals to local shops. The challenge is the same: how do I reach out to the right people to grow and sustain my business? Of course, all of my customers have different ambition levels and budgets. But at the end of the day, it is about connecting people using the right tools. It’s my job to make it work – whatever you do, wherever you are! 

With all of my experience, I honestly can tell you a low starting budget shouldn’t be an obstacle to create effective communication that will make your business grow, particularly in these times of crisis! That’s why I’m offering special tariffs on an hourly or project basis*. 

Get it right – now!

I provide everything companies need for their day-to-day communication: content written for social media and websites, brochures or presentations, graphic design, photography, and event organisation. My services will give you a lot more than that: I’m specialised in international projects, different cultures and languages, and long-term strategic communication. Internal communication and crisis communication are two of my other high-value specialties. 

If you don’t get the language, the tone, and the style of your communication right from the start, you will not be able to land your business successfully. This becomes even more important when communicating in (or to) customers from different European markets. 

Land your business now!

Communication has different dynamics in different areas. It helps to know the tricks of the trade, like (in my case) the automotive sector, transportation, logistics, ICT, GDPR/Privacy, tourism/hospitality, fashion, healthcare, and social inclusion. In addition to communications services (content and media production), I offer training, events, and presentations with an international approach.

*My special offer extends to these businesses: 
  • Multinational companies and organisations with international operations in Portugal.
  • Portuguese companies with international clients, such as tourism, restaurants/bars, personal transport, logistics, ICT.
  • Portuguese companies with activities (or ambitions) abroad. 
  • Start-ups, investors, governments and communications and marketing agencies looking for multilingual/multicultural connections.
  • Any company looking for quality in communication. 

Let me repeat: a low starting budget should never be an obstacle to grow your business, particularly in times of crisis! I love the challenge. Do you? If so, lets discuss your specific needs and the specific tariffs and conditions I can offer you now

Download the leaflets in Portuguese and English.