Be One (“B1” in short) is a project dealing with diversity and inclusivity. These are popular and often controversial subjects, so what’s the point in adding another approach? A new vision should, at least, be able to refresh the subject or add new perspectives? Well, B1 does both.

Non-binary and intersectional approach

What makes B1 stand out is the fact that it uses a non-binary approach, combined with intersectional elements which, in short, guarantee more space to open up people’s minds and hearts.

B1 aims to raise awareness, increase understanding and empower those who are fed up with schemes that promise to empower but at the end of the day only aim to conform to a failing society. Improving mutual understanding and getting rid of useless conformism is fundamental to B1.

The B1 concept for inclusivity consists of these basic elements:
  • Look for common interests
  • Understand the differences
  • Break down barriers
  • Connect and…
  • Communicate
  • Introduction to… you

The B1 project offers various methods to reach its goals. It connects people and educates on different levels. The book (below) is an introduction to a more inclusive lifestyle, supporting individual talents and increasing awareness of what really counts in life.

In a world that has become increasingly complex and dangerously judgemental, this book will make its readers start looking differently at at themselves and the world around them. Differently, as in: more inclusive. 

The B1 book … for you

You don’t need to become a better person. You already are. What does “better” mean anyway?

Instead of yet another book that’ll tell you how to be or become a better person, the forthcoming B1 book will trigger your mind into becoming aware of what is already inside and around you.

You are able to decide for yourself how you can live a life in which you are more connected to yourself, the people around you and the world at large.

You don’t have to agree with anything. Learn to agree with your true self first. This book will help you make the first steps in becoming you (again).

Be One, with yourself and the world you’re part of.



These are some pages. You can check the pre-publication book online:
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The Be One project is in an advanced stage of development. Its founder, Alfred Jansen, is happy to present the project. Please feel free to send a message if you’re interested.