Alfred Jansen is committed to a high-quality level in his communication. Most of his work has a long-term character. However, developing and producing all the necessary means to be effective on the short term, is just as important. Translating a communication strategy into tools and media required, is the next step in his quality approach. These are the short-term Creative services Alfred Jansen also offers.

Planning and budget

Alfred Jansen handles and oversees the development and production of all communications tools and content. Depending on the nature of the project, he will develop a mix of means and a planning to deliver the required results, fitting within budget and time constraints. Thanks to years of experience in all areas of communication, Alfred Jansen is able to support all practical requests customers may have. Let’s highlight some of these Creative services.


The best communicators understand and apply journalistic principles and link them to the customers’ communications objectives. Alfred Jansen started his career in national and international journalism, and then expanded it to include commercial journalism. Texts for websites, magazines, press releases, annual reports and brochures – suitable for online and offline use – are custom-made to the highest standards.


Over the years, Alfred Jansen has taken on various design projects. The design determines not just the appearance but – more importantly in business – the identity. Which should be clear, consistent and relevant. AJC produces magazines, annual reports, brochures and offline media as well graphical applications for use in social media.


Alfred Jansen offers photography on three levels: commercial, people and art. Please go to the Photography page to find out more.

Corporate identity

Identity – or Corporate identity – is one of the four core elements of Alfred Jansen’s strategic communications approach. Developing complete identity programs (house styles) for all types of organizations and projects with attention to authenticity (uniqueness), relevance (does it appeal to the relevant target group) and quality (a stable design that basically lasts long-term). If possible, an identity includes some storytelling, usually based on a Manifesto.

Printed matters

Alfred Jansen develops and produces media for offline use. This not only concerns print (leaflets, brochures, magazines, annual reports or other printed matter), but also promotional material that is used in events, presentations or marketing activities.

Online and Social

Online and social media are always part of total communication approach. Together with the customer, Alfred ensures that online media fit seamlessly into an overall communications strategy. Where needed, Alfred cooperates with specialised agencies.

Events organisation

Communication is about people. The direct contact with the public (or target group) is, according to Alfred Jansen, essential to achieve sustainable results. Organising events for specific groups (such as press, customers or employees) is one of the specialities Alfred Jansen offers.


Training is communicating. So assisting in developing or delivering a training program on a specific subject, including support materials, makes good sense. Alfred Jansen offers communications support for various training activities.

Interim management

Alfred Jansen can even take an interim management role within organisations to start up their communications projects or even get a new department going.

Check out the Portfolio page for some examples of Alfred Jansen’s work in the area of Creative services.