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With the experience Alfred Jansen has built up in his passionately professional life, he not only knows how to make communication tools, he knows how they will fit the client’s needs and, arguably even more importantly, he knows how to connect to the external stakeholders (customers, investors, influencers) and to internal stakeholders (like management and employees).

Making your communication easy to use

Communication is, when done properly, always made to measure. When done properly, it is clever, involving and relevant. In the current times of communications overkill, it also means that communication should be authentic, easy to access and use. The right choice of tools, messages and timing makes communication successful. Let’s take a look at some practical examples in Alfred Jansen’s Creative services portfolio.

Text and translations

Experiences help. A lot. Doing your homework helps even more. When trying to produce the texts, Alfred analyses not just the clients’ needs and expectancies, but also what the goals and target audiences are. Writing texts for social media with a wide reach is something different from writing an internal message to employees concerning internal developments. The most recent example is the approach I developed for a major healthcare provider. For their ICT department we developed an approach that all texts (a lot of them online via applications) should conform to these three basic elements: “safe, recognisable and easy”. Alfred reorganised all internal communication structures and messages based on these three principles. Quite a challenge, considering the self-organising structure of the organisation.

Many decades of experience have given Alfred Jansen the confidence to make texts (and translations) to fit the specific needs of the customer and the medium on the highest level.


Over the years, Alfred has taken on various design projects. Following his Master of Design Management studies, he has been able to not only use the journalistic approach, but also introduce a more corporate vision of identity. Alfred is qualified in the major design applications and delivers all the visual graphic tools for online, social media and offline print purposes.

Website, social media and print

Alfred Jansen knows what is needed to build websites, implement social media and makeprinted matters. The actual production usually is left to companies with specific machinery and software to do the job. Alfred Jansen provides the structure, the plan and the management of all communication aspects in order to not just make a website, page, leaflet or book, but to make it a product that will fit into the needs of the customer.


Events organisation and training

Producing events for specific groups (such as press, customers or employees) is one of the specialities Alfred Jansen offers. Recently, Alfred Jansen has developed and given classes on ICT Security to healthcare workers, organized the communication of a TEDx event and even set up a diversity program with monthly themed seminars (“Open Mind”). In his time at Vopak and Daewoo, he would organize press and dealer events. Engaging internal trainings on various subjects are part of the package offered.

With experience comes authority. Alfred Jansen doesn’t boast his expertise but moves ahead in confidence. So do his projects which he’ll tell you more about in person…

Interim management

In many projects, Alfred Jansen takes on an interim management role. From a car sunroof producer, to a construction equipment sales organisation, and from a city retail area to a healthcare provider, he offered full management services to these and other organisations. He’ll start up communications projects or even get new departments going according to the management’s requirements.