Alfred Jansen has operated on senior level for a couple of decades in various international business areas. His experience in how organisations operate internally and externally is vital to his role, because:

“Communication is not merely communicating, it is making communication work.”

Communication is about making connections and being relevant. If you get this right, you will play a central role in the sustainable growth of an organisation. Openness, integrity and diversity are core values Alfred uses. See his Manifesto.

So, what more can you expect?
  • communications knowledge and skills (including writing, photography and graphic design) because they are elementary and fun;
  • strategic insight into how different types of organisations operate, their internal and external target groups and markets;
  • a truly international focus, based on years of cross-border experience (see below);
  • and a high dose of enthusiasm, experience and perseverance that he loves to share with anyone who, like him, never stops growing.

Alfred Jansen has a couple of specialisations – such as automotive, transport, logistics (B2B), ICT, GDPR/Privacy, tourism and inclusion – but first and foremost, he’s a target-driven hands-on communicator. Which means he can handle a wide range of organisational issues – no matter how complex – at any level. He delivers fresh insights and – at the end of the day – results. Relevant and devoid of blabla.

“I work for companies, institutions or organizations that put people first in whatever they do.”

Communications portfolio

From September 2018-today 

The ‘regular’ international communications projects in the first year in Lisbon involved complex communications issues: branding, brochures/website communication and strategic communications projects concerning physical safety, health and GPRT/Privacy. As a rule you will not find details concerning my work for clients. If you like to know more, please ask or check out the pages on this web site.

June 2017-September 2018 (communication healthcare – ICT – GDPR – Social Media)

Alfred was asked for the full communication support on both strategic and practical implementation of Information Security for a complex and highly sensitive healthcare organisation. Dealing with both the new European privacy legislation (GDPR) and the certification of the organisation to #NEN7510 level, both to be delivered in 2018. In addition he developed Social Media guidelines and developed and provided training for employees and clients.
The same organisation asked him to develop an internal communications policy for the ICT and other staff departments.

2009-2017: Communication, public relations and events (retail – city development – events)

Since 2009 Alfred has been a communications consultant for various retail companies, the city development organisation of The Hague and local government expertise organisations in Rotterdam. In addition to these strategic communications activities, he has always been producing, developing and designing (online, offline and social) media. See Creative services.

This period has seen an increase in organising events for various organisations, such as the development of the “Open Mind Rotterdam” diversity platform. He got involved in events that focus on complex social issues and talent development, for organisations like TEDxRotterdam, the Rotterdam Expertise Centres, COC Rotterdam and the Dutch HIV Association.ajc-ac1

2000-2009: Manager Corporate Communication Royal Vopak (B2B – multinational) 

Next to building the then new multinational Vopak brand and setting up of the corporate communications department, Alfred – in the role of Corporate Communications Manager – was the communications advisor to the Board of Directors and Division Presidents focusing on media/press and identity/reputation/crisis management. Not only was he responsible for policy, but also for global, divisional and HQ internal communication, producing all global corporate media.

1996-2000: independent (automotive – construction) 

Working in the automotive sector. Producing media (this is the period in which online media started booming!) and supporting various automotive companies in implementing their communication. Alfred is also hired to supervise accounts on behalf of leading agencies, mostly again in the automotive sector, such as Readershouse Amsterdam and Van+Van Publicity Maarssen (account management, consultancy, editorial). Other corporate customers include Hitachi Construction Machinery Europe and the RAI department Motorised Two-Wheelers.


1995: Public Relations Manager Daewoo Motor Benelux BV (automotive)

A (then) new car brand with great ambitions, Daewoo (today: Chevrolet) asked Alfred Jansen to develop the PR activities and implement them during their start-up phase, including all tools and networking support for the management team. This challenge also included the support and training of the dealer organisation in their communication, the complete press handling and the role of Daewoo’s spokesperson.

1986-1995: independent journalism

Not yet corporate but any good communicator starts in journalism. In Alfred’s case, in (automotive) journalism, which from the beginning included international publications in addition to all leading Dutch titles. To Dutch readers, these names are well known: Panorama, Wereld op Wielen, BOVAG, KNMV, MKB Netherlands. Internationally Alfred worked for major titles in England (like AutoCar), Germany (Auto Zeitung), Switzerland (Automobil Revue), Japan and the United States. Alfred is author of 7 books on motoring and motorcycling.

For more background information, please check the full CV or contact Alfred Jansen.

Photography portfolio here