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NOW is the time to start your action plan for future business communication. You still have the time – but maybe not the budget – to prepare your post-pandemic communication strategy. That is why I have a special offer for you. Check it out now (please click on the offers below)!

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Based on my vast experience and portfolio, I offer a full-service approach to communication, with a unique international focus, using these four cornerstones: Vision, Strategy, Identity and Content (read more).

My main areas of expertise are: automotive, transport, logistics, ICT, GDPR/Privacy, tourism, fashion, safety policy, healthcare and inclusion.

The Quality of Communication

I work for clients across European borders. Working from a Lisbon studio, I focus on multinational companies with a seat in Portugal, and Portuguese companies with activities and/or ambitions abroad. More.

I handle all types of cases, from hands-on content production for all types of media to complex organizational, social or technical issues on boardroom level.

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