2022: check out my Manifesto

This year started with an updated Manifesto. Please check it out here, and read all about the benefits of using your own Manifesto on this page!

Reconnect your business!

NOW is the time to start reconnecting your communication. Based on my vast experience and portfolio, I offer a full-service approach to communication, with a unique international focus, using these four cornerstones: Vision, Strategy, Identity and Content (read more).


My main areas of expertise are: automotive, transport, logistics, ICT, GDPR/Privacy, tourism, fashion, safety policy, healthcare and inclusion.

I work for clients across European borders. Working from a Lisbon studio, I focus on multinational companies with a seat in Portugal, and Portuguese companies with activities and/or ambitions abroad. More.

I handle all types of cases, from hands-on content production for all types of media to complex organizational, social or technical issues at boardroom level.

Please check out the more detailed information concerning communicationcreative services and photography.