There are many ways to profile your business. Missions, visions, corporate values and storytelling are a few of the methods used for internal and external communication. There is a way to combine these methods into a dynamic approach: the manifesto.

Purpose and direction

The name “manifesto” already gives a sense of action, which is precisely what is needed. It’s interactive and takes into account the different variables and stakeholders an organisation has to deal with on a daily basis. The manifesto can take different shapes and forms, exactly suited for the purpose.

ajc-man1Alfred Jansen has developed manifestos for many types of organisations, from the bigger, more complex ones to the smaller units. He developed a way to develop the manifesto (the “manifesto sessions”), to deliver not just the words but also the strategic and communications dimensions in order to ensure the most effective implementation.

Authentic statement

Of course Alfred uses the manifesto for his own activities. His manifesto is used as guiding principles, and they have proven to be extremely valuable during the last decade or so. Feel free to use it but remember that a manifesto is an authentic statement that is always made to measure. Why not develop your own? Please feel free to get in touch