There are many ways to profile your business. Missions, visions, corporate values and storytelling are a few of the methods used for internal and external communication. There is a better and more effective way to combine these methods into a dynamic approach: the Manifesto.

A Manifesto not only shows who you are, what you stand for and where you are going, but it also gives you direction. 

Purpose and direction

The name “Manifesto” already gives a sense of action, which is precisely what you need. It’s interactive and takes into account the different variables and stakeholders an organisation has to deal with on a daily basis. The manifesto can take different shapes and forms, depending on the purpose. It’s clever…


Alfred Jansen has developed Manifestos for many types of organisations, from the bigger, more complex ones to the smaller units. He developed a method to make the Manifesto a practical tool. A tool, that is aligned to your strategy and helps you create your daily communication in a consistent and effective way.

How to communicate effectively

So, how do you communicate effectively? You need to be seen and heard in the right place and time, right? You need to be understood and appreciated. You need to be authentic and consistent. Quite simply, communication needs to work. Forget the old-fashioned static communication approach, or abstract concepts like missions, visions or storytelling. A Manifesto combines all elements that are relevant for the realisation of your communication strategy and tools.

Gain control of your communication. Short term and long term! And, like now, in times of change.

The best way to create your Manifesto is by organising a “Manifesto Masterclass”. Depending on your organisation and objectives, this Masterclass will give you all the basic building blocks for your communication. These building blocks cover all areas: from branding to presentation, from social media to internal newsletter, and even your marketing activities are included. Each Masterclass is unique and made-to-measure based on your specific needs. Download the Manifesto leaflet here.

The Manifesto approach compared 

The Manifesto has proven its worth for my clients for many years. Businesses, big and small, often struggle in defining their missions, visions, values, identities and stories because they don’t always deliver the connections and results required. Why? Because they are vague and don’t really cover the areas they need to. Missions and visions were trendy once, as is storytelling today.Comparev2021

I’ve compared the most used techniques on different variables, based on experience from and with my clients for over ten years. The graph I show here probably is less scientific but certainly much more realistic and authentic. I’ve based the above overview on vast (international) experience in all types and sizes of organisations. You can download a pdf-version of the table above here.

I use this graph to discuss options with clients, so they can choose the approach that’ll work best for them. Depending on their specific needs, two long-term approaches have proven to score higher with my clients than all other ones: the Manifesto and the Corporate Identity. They are, in fact, complementary.


I have to be honest: creating a Manifesto requires many skills, experience and guidance to start with. That’s why I organise my Manifesto Masterclasses. I want results for my clients. Check out my leaflet if you want results too!

Authentic statement

Of course, I use the Manifesto for my own activities. My Manifesto shows who I am, what I stand for and where I am going, and has proven to be extremely valuable during the last decade or so. You may even want to use it but remember that a manifesto is an authentic statement that is always made to measure… it’s about you. So, why not develop your own? Please feel free to get in touch